A range of perfumes committed to the

use of natural raw materials

of plant origin.



A proposal for all of us

The Delisea range consists of four fragrances for women and two for men.

The mixture of different notes, among which the stand outs are floral, citrus, woody

or spicy, creating unique olfactory pyramids for each fragrance.





It is a responsible fragrance

Our commitment goes beyond our consumers. We are committed to the sustainability and care of the environment, with a strict commitment of not testing on animals our products and ingredients that we use for manufacturing them.






We look for our fragrances to reflect sustainable values from start to finish. Therefore, the packaging is 100% recycled paper, the labels are made with a high content of recycled fibres and their ink is environmentally friendly. The caps for our fragrances come from sustainable managed forests and the label of seed paper is biodegradable, you can plant it!. Because preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

An aroma that grows...

How to plant the label of seed paper?

  1. Soak the seed paper overnight.
  2. The next day, cover it with soil (1cm thick) and soak it well with some water.
  3. Look for a warm and bright place to place it.
  4. Water it every day so that the buried paper is always moist.
  5. In a few days, depending on the weather and the season, your plants will germinate and begin to grow.
  6. Now you can put it on the outside and see it bloom. Remember to water it regularly!